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Exposed Heifers
*Prices are subject to change and do not include calves at side*


RO Pretty Princess
(JP Grand Richy x CO Crown Jewel)
DOB: 2/10/2015

RO Ritz Cracker
(JR Laredo x TC Ritzy Dixie)
DOB: 2/22/2015

3E Joy
(Ref x CO Happy Feet)
DOB: 4/21/2015

RO Sun Showers
(Rolling Thunder x CO Sunshine)
DOB: 6/05/2015

RO Cherry Sundae
(Awesome Alamo x CO Banana Split)
DOB: 7/15/2015

3E Mist
(Ref x CO Thunderclap)
DOB: 8/09/2015

RO Standing Ovation
(Rolling Thunder x CO Winning Respect)
DOB: 9/13/2015

RO Desert Rose
(Augustus ECR x CO Desert Flower)
DOB: 10/23/2015

RO Sweet Eclair
(Eclair's Commander x RHL Softly Call The Muster)
DOB: 10/24/2015
Not For Sale

RO Copper Penny
(Rolling Thunder x CO Penelope)
DOB: 10/25/2015

RO Sassy Lassy
LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Sassy Assassin)

DOB: 11/02/2015

RO Southern Star
(Star Warrior x ECR Southern Fortress)
DOB: 11/05/2015

RO Amazon Queen
(Juma x Hubbells Rio Riviera III)
DOB: 11/20/2015
Not For Sale

RO Honey Bunny
(Augustus ECR x CO Winnie The Pooh)
DOB: 11/20/2015

RO Augusta National
(Augustus ECR x CO Edge's Resolve)
DOB: 11/22/2015

RO Queen Bee
(Augustus ECR x SHR Wow's Bea)
DOB: 12/09/2015

RO Dixie Star
(Star Warrior x CO Glitzy Dixie)
DOB: 12/10/2015

RO Ember
(Augustus ECR x CO Wildfire)
DOB: 12/20/2015

RO Star Princess
(Star Warrior x CO Silver Princess)
DOB: 12/30/2015

VF Awesome Claire
(Eclair's Commander x CO Valentine)
DOB: 1/07/2016

RO Winner's Circle
(JR Laredo x CO Winning Call)
DOB: 1/05/2016

RO Tulip
(Rolling Thunder x CO Red Rose)
DOB: 1/24/2016

RO Tic Tac
(J&R's Shear Force x TTT Kit Kat)
DOB: 1/26/2016

RO Lady In Red
(Rolling Thunder x CO Miss America)
DOB: 1/30/2016

RO High Hopes
(Rolling Thunder x CO Alamo's Rose)
DOB: 2/06/2016
Not For Sale

RO Southern Belle
(JR Laredo x BRR Bella Rosetta)
DOB: 2/09/2016

TP Calico
(JR Jace x Rockhouse Charity)
DOB: 2/11/2016
Not For Sale

RO Lil Kim
(JR Laredo x LLL Max's Kim)
DOB: 2/14/2016
Not For Sale

RO Pocahontas
(Rolling Thunder x CO Cleopatra)
DOB: 2/15/2016
Not For Sale

RO Honey Bear
(JR Laredo x CO Jules)
DOB: 2/20/2016
Not For Sale

RO Spotty Dotty
(LAR Raylan x CO Hot Spots)
DOB: 3/02/2016
Not For Sale

RO Lavaca
(King Cowboy x RO Nueces)
DOB: 3/15/2016

RO Golden Ticket
(Drag Net x CO Golden Miracle)
DOB: 3/17/2016

RO Whirlwind
(JR Laredo x CO Whirlpool)
DOB: 3/23/2016

Pony Tail
(JP Rio Capone Kid x Sarcee Prairie Fire)
DOB: 3/30/2016

RO Red Cherry
(JR Laredo x LLL Max's Trinity)
DOB: 4/01/2016
Not For Sale

ECR Lady Julia
(Julio Vixen ECR x ECR Lady Shooter)
DOB: 4/04/2016
Not For Sale

RO Dragon Fly
(Drag Net x Safari B Angel)
DOB: 4/06/2016
Not For Sale

RO Lavender
(JR Laredo x CO Lilac)
DOB: 4/06/2016

RO Sweetie Pie
(Sweet Iron x JTW Special Girl)
DOB: 4/08/2016

RO Red Panda
(JR Laredo x CO Smores)
DOB: 4/10/2016

TP Miss Molly
(JR Jace x TP Last Star)
DOB: 4/15/2016

RO Dixie Roja
(El Tirador x ECR Diamond Dixie)
DOB: 4/18/2016

RO Gus's Belle
(Augustus ECR x BRR Bella Coach)
DOB: 4/22/2016

LLL Eternal Luck
LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Tari Sue)
DOB: 5/01/2016
Not For Sale

LLL Dark Cocoa
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Tracie)
DOB: 5/01/2016

ECR Purple Rain
(Camino Real ECR x ECR Como La Flor)
DOB: 5/02/2016

3E Merle's Girl

(Ref x CO Happy Feet)
DOB: 5/06/2016
Contact For Price

2NR Ginger Roll

(Rolling Thunder x LLL Max's Ginger)
DOB: 5/10/2016

DGF Stargazer Lilly
(Top Hand x Lazy J's Lilly)
DOB: 5/20/2016
Not For Sale

RO Rose Petal
(JR Laredo x CO Rose)
DOB: 5/20/2016

RO Makin Magic

(7-11 Makin Magic x Commanders Precious)
DOB: 5/23/2016

RO Sunny Day
(JR Laredo x CO Sunshine)
DOB: 5/24/2016
Not For Sale

RO Cowboy's Melody
(King Cowboy x CO Melissa)
DOB: 6/01/2016

LLL Pepper Shaker
LLL Matt Dillonx LLL Pepper

DOB: 6/01/2016
Not For Sale

LLL Lucky Star
(LLL Lucky's Rave x BH Once Again)
DOB: 6/15/2016
Not For Sale

LLL Guns N Roses
LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Smokey Jane)

DOB: 7/01/2016

3E Rain Dance
(Ref x CO Thunderclap)

DOB: 7/07/2016


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