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Young Cows
*Prices are subject to change and do not include calves at side*


CO Red Rose
(Emperor's Echo x CO Rose)
DOB: 1/01/2010

CO Jubilee
(Emperor's Echo x TP Tiffany)
DOB: 1/07/2010

LLL Evader's Shadow
(PCC Evader x Delta Shadow)
DOB: 3/4/2010

TC Ritzy Dixie
(JP Grand Richy x Heart of Dixie 11/11)
DOB: 3/19/2010

CO Cleopatra
(Emperor's Echo x CO Ali)
DOB: 3/30/2010
Not For Sale

LLL Fannie Mae
(Sittin Bull x LLL Annie Oakley)

DOB: 4/10/2010
Not For Sale

CO Heart Breaker
(Winner's Edge x TP Harem Girl)
DOB: 5/04/2010

LLL Max's Kim
(Maximus ST x EOT Sensor's Kim)
DOB: 5/18/2010
Not For Sale

CO Lemon Wedge
(Winner's Edge x CO Lemon Drop)
DOB: 7/08/2010

CO Blondie
(Winner's Edge x CO Goldie Locks)
DOB: 7/08/2010

BL Rio Bertha
(JP Rio Grande x BL Little Bertha)
DOB: 8/01/2010

LLL Glam Girl
(LLL Boss Man x LLL Phenomax)
DOB: 8/22/2010

Rising Star

(The Legemd x Red's Super Star)
DOB: 11/11/2010

CO Bonita Louise
(Winner's Edge x CO Courtney)
DOB: 12/15/2010
Not For Sale

CO Texas Tea
(Winner's Edge x CO Miss Texas)
DOB: 2/02/2011

LLL Tari Beth
(Rio Diego x ECR Eternal Tari 206)

DOB: 2/06/2011
Not For Sale

LLL Tari Anne
(Rio Diego x ECR Eternal Tari 206)

DOB: 2/07/2011
Not For Sale

LLL Smokey Sue
(Gun Smoke x JR Tazz)

DOB: 2/08/2011
Not For Sale

Brazos Rose Fiona

(JR Maverick x Brazos Rose Porta)
DOB: 2/10/2011

LLL Sittin Pretty
(Rio Diego x Sittin Time)

DOB: 2/12/2011
Not For Sale

JTW Special Girl
(Tejas Star x PPF Miss Mardi Gras)
DOB: 2/15/2011
Not For Sale

LLL Smokey Marie
(Gun Smoke x JR Tazz) 
DOB: 2/20/2011
Not For Sale

LLL Tari Sue
(Rio Diego x ECR Eternal Tari 206)

DOB: 2/28/2011
Not For Sale

CO Wildfire
(Awesome Alamo x CO War Paint)
DOB: 4/06/2011
Not For Sale

Alajanda EOT
(Mujanda EOT x EOT Alamo's Butter)
DOB: 4/19/2011

CO Miss America
(Winner's Edge x NP Miss Carrie)
DOB: 4/29/2011
Not For Sale

CO Juliette
(Awesome Alamo x CO Jules)
DOB: 4/30/2011

CO Susan
(Winner's Edge x CO Capone's Jewel)
DOB: 5/08/2011

ECR Awesome Shot
(El Tirador x Awesome Blossom 102)
DOB: 5/11/2011

CO Starry Eyed Surprise
(Winner's Edge x CO Stardust)
DOB: 5/17/2011

SR Madden's Analena
(SR Madden x EOT Super Annie Potts)
DOB: 5/22/2011

CO Cherry Coke
(Winner's Edge x CO Comet)
DOB: 5/26/2011

CO Snack Pack
(Awesome Alamo x CO Golden Lady)
DOB: 6/03/2011

CO Pumpkin Pie
(Awesome Alamo x CO Paige)
DOB: 6/04/2011

CO Mercy Me
(Winner's Edge x CO Mercedes)
DOB: 10/01/2011

CO Tupelo Honey
(Winner's Edge x CO Tap Dancer)
DOB: 10/02/2011

CO Alamo's Rose
(Awesome Alamo x CO Rose)
DOB: 10/08/2011

CO Lilac
(Winner's Edge x CO Lilly)
DOB: 10/11/2011

CO Pollyanna
(Awesome Alamo x CO Dolly Parton)
DOB: 11/29/2011

CO Melissa
(Winner's Edge x CO Rosebud)
DOB: 1/15/2012

JTW Coco
(Tejas Star x JTW Slick's Little Lady)
DOB: 1/17/2012

BRR Desert Willow
(BRR Vito Vizza x BRR Bandalero's Viagra)
DOB: 1/24/2012
Not For Sale

CO Firecracker
(Awesome Alamo x CO Phoenix)
DOB: 2/05/2012

CO Reveille
(ASOCL Unstopabull Emperor x RHL Softly Call the Muster)
DOB: 2/24/2012

SHR Wow's Bea
(M Arrow Wow x Molly Leigh)
DOB: 3/23/2012

CO Ruby Red
(Awesome Alamo x CO Jules)
DOB: 3/23/2012

CO Edge's Resolve
(Winner's Edge x CO Resolution)
DOB: 3/25/2012

CO Easter Egg
(Winner's Edge x Hot Shot)
DOB: 3/27/2012

CO Fiesta
(DDR Rio Ranger x BH Lucy)
DOB: 4/14/2012
Not For Sale

CO Laredo's Rose
(JR Laredo x CO Red Rose)
DOB: 4/14/2012

CO Starstruck
(ASOCL Unstopabull Emperor x CO Stardust)
DOB: 4/26/2012

CO Winning Respect
(Winner's Edge x JR Zoella)
DOB: 4/29/2012

CO Shooting Star
(Winner's Edge x CO Comet)
DOB: 6/10/2012

CO Razzle Dazzle
(JR Flash x CO Cleopatra)
DOB: 6/18/2012

LLL Lady Luck
(Maximus ST x BC Lucky Lady)
DOB: 7/15/2012
Not For Sale

CO Golden Miracle
(Rio Diego x LLL Catch A Star)
DOB: 11/01/2012

CO Smores
(Awesome Alamo x CO Courtney)
DOB: 11/18/2012

Commanders Precious

(Commander EOT x EOT Kanstar's Precious)
DOB: 11/28/2012

CO Fancy Dancer
(Awesome Alamo x CO Tap Dancer)
DOB: 12/01/2012

LLL Max's Trinity
(Maximus ST x S&L's Trinity Trudy)
DOB: 12/04/2012
Not For Sale

CO First Kiss
(JR Laredo x CO Taylor Swift)
DOB: 2/02/2013

CO Silver Princess
(Awesome Alamo x CO Golden Princess)
DOB: 2/04/2013

CO Hot Spots
(Awesome Alamo x Hot Shot)
DOB: 2/15/2013

BRR Bella Swan
(BRR Vito Vizza x BRR Bella Franchesca)
DOB: 2/19/2013
Not For Sale

RO Angel Eyes
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Max's Kim)
DOB: 2/21/2013

LLL Smoke Cloud
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Smokey Marie)
DOB: 3/01/2013
Not For Sale

CO Sorority Sister
(JR Laredo x CO Blondie)
DOB: 3/17/2013

CO Ranch Lady
(JP Grand Richy x JR Rietta)
DOB: 3/23/2013

RO Fire N Ice
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Blue Smoke)
DOB: 4/04/2013

CO Glitzy Dixie
(JR Laredo x TC Ritzy Dixie)
DOB: 4/07/2013

LLL Lucky Tari
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Tari Sue)
DOB: 4/10/2013
Not For Sale

ECR Southern Fortress
(Sam Houston ECR x ECR Southern Crossfire)
DOB: 4/15/2013
Not For Sale

ECR Como La Flor
(Julio Vixen ECR x ECR Flor De Agave)
DOB: 4/20/2013

CO Sunray
(JR Laredo x CO Sunshine)
DOB: 5/11/2013
Not For Sale

RO Magic Lantern
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Maxinity)
DOB: 5/15/2013

CO Butterscotch
(JP Grand Richy x CO Buttercup)
DOB: 5/19/2013

CO Danica
(JR Laredo x CO Red Racer)
DOB: 5/30/2013

LLL Double Luck
(LLL Lucky's Rave x BC Lucky Lady)
DOB: 7/15/2013

RO Pistol Annie
(Awesome Alamo x CO Baretta)
DOB: 8/14/2013
Not For Sale

RO Cheery Cherry
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Yellow Sage)
DOB: 8/15/2013

RO Nueces

(JR Jace x CO Dancehall Dreamer)
DOB: 9/01/2013

Tabby EOT

(Zeus EOT x Tabasco's Lezawe)
DOB: 9/29/2013

LLL Peppercorn
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Pepper)
DOB: 10/01/2013

RO Flower Girl
(Awesome Alamo x CO Desert Flower)
DOB: 11/15/2013
Not For Sale

RO Dr. Pepper
(Rolling Thunder x CO Cherry Coke)
DOB: 12/08/2013

CO Rose Flower
(Awesome Alamo x CO Rosebud)
DOB: 12/16/2013

RO Dixie Delight
(JP Grand Richy x Dixie Cup)
DOB: 1/02/2014

BRR Bella Vito's Martini
(BRR Vito Vizza x BRR Bella Martini)
DOB: 3/13/2014

RO Flashtastic
(JR Flash x Safari B 530 Funny Face)
DOB: 3/15/2014

RO Daydreamer
(LLL Lucky's Rave x LLL Dream Catcher)
DOB: 3/20/2014

LVR Sweet Tea
(LVR Lucchese Blaze x Teaspoon BCB)
DOB: 3/26/2014

RO Heartthrob
(Rolling Thunder x CO Heart Breaker)
DOB: 3/27/2014

RO Awesome Ali
(Awesome Alamo x CO Ali)
DOB: 3/28/2014

RO My Oh My
(Rolling Thunder x CO Mercy Me)
DOB: 4/10/2014
Not For Sale

Fannies Chime
(The Fan Man x Crime Check)
DOB: 4/24/2014

RO Roll Tide
(Rolling Thunder x CO Lilac)
DOB: 4/28/2014

LLL Pretty Lady
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Sittin Pretty)
DOB: 5/01/2014 

LLL Lucky Day
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Lady Luck)
DOB: 6/11/2014

RO Champagne Party
(JP Grand Richy x CO Chardonnay)
DOB: 6/18/2014

RO Grand Rose
(JP Grand Richy x CO Rose)
DOB: 6/18/2014
Not For Sale

BRR Kelle's Little Miss
(Iron Hail x CWR Coronita)
DOB: 7/15/2014

RO Starry Night
(Awesome Alamo x CO Stardust)
DOB: 7/25/2014

RO Cherry On Top
(Awesome Alamo x CO Banana Split)
DOB: 8/08/2014

RO Love Song
(Jam Session x CO Valentine)
DOB: 10/02/2014

RO Milk Shake
(JR Laredo x CO Shay)
DOB: 10/13/2014

LLL Sugar N Spice
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Fannie Mae)
DOB: 10/20/2014

RO Southern Breeze
(JR Laredo x CO Phoenix)
DOB: 10/27/2014

RO Summer Sparkler
(Augustus ECR x CO Firecracker)
DOB: 11/27/2014
Not For Sale

Red Cowgirl
(King Cowboy x SHR Penelope)
DOB: 4/15/2015


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