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Sold Cattle
Updated 3/11/18

One of the great joys of raising longhorns is meeting fellow breeders. We have had the fortune of selling our cattle through private treaty to over 300 breeders in the last ten years alone. Most of these breeders have been from Texas, but we have sold cattle to states such as Alabama, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nevada, Colorado, Florida, Arkansas, North Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, Tennessee, West Virginia and Wyoming. We also made our first international sale into Mexico in 2016. Whether helping someone start a herd or add to their existing herd, we take pride and responsibility in doing our best to meet their needs. We really appreciate the trust all of our customers have put in us and our program as they help us work to fulfill our mission "to spread the joy of owning Texas Longhorns."

CO Pinta

(Capone x CO Santa Maria)
DOB: 11/09/2003
We sold CO Pinta as a heifer,
and she later sold for $49,000 at the Legacy II Sale!!!


Thank you to the 8 new and established breeders (including 4 repeat customers)
who have bought cattle from us so far in 2018!!!

The Rocket
(JP Grand Richy x CO Juliette)
DOB: 11/22/2014

(Lots Of Flair x CO Thumbelina)
DOB: 7/28/2017
Picture Taken 10/12/17

ECR Lady Samantha

(Sam Houston ECR x ECR Lady Quick Draw)
DOB: 3/26/2017

RO Dancing Cowgirl
(King Cowboy x CO Dancehall Dreamer)
DOB: 3/29/2017

RO Cowtown Cutie
(King Cowboy x RO Nueces)
DOB: 4/04/2017

Thank you to the 39 new and established breeders (including 15 repeat customers)
who bought cattle from us in 2017!!!

CO Lilly
(Capone x CO Fancy Lady)
DOB: 2/26/2004

BRR Bella Rosetta

(Bandalero x Pure Gold CP)
DOB: 2/2/2005

Sarcee Prairie Fire

(Watson 167 x Blaze)
DOB: 10/24/2005

Fannies Chime
(The Fan Man x Crime Check)
DOB: 4/24/2014

ECR Julio's Eternity
(Don Julio x Eternally Tari)
DOB: 5/20/2006

LLL Max's Sparky
(Maximus ST x J.T. Striking)
DOB: 4/21/2007

JR Rietta
(KC Just Respect x JR Reba)
DOB: 3/24/2008

Hubbells Rio Riviera III
(JP Rio Grande x Hubbell's Riviera)
DOB: 4/19/2009

BRR Boomerang Giglio
(Boomerang CP x BRR Bella Giglio)
DOB: 4/29/2009

CO Penelope
(Comanche x CO Lilly)
DOB: 4/23/2006

Delta Dixie Dandi
(Tornado Alley x Delta Dixie Delight)
DOB: 4/19/2009

JMR River Gal
(Tom Cat x Riverfork's Smoke Out)
DOB: 4/25/2011

LLL Evader's Shadow
(PCC Evader x Delta Shadow)
DOB: 3/4/2010

BL Rio Bertha
(JP Rio Grande x BL Little Bertha)
DOB: 8/01/2010

LLL Glam Girl
(LLL Boss Man x LLL Phenomax)
DOB: 8/22/2010

BRR Bella Coach
(Hidalgo Texa x BC Coaches Lady)
DOB: 4/11/2010

Sunhaven Ivanhoe Patsy
(Sunhaven Ivanhoe x Horse Head Back Stage)
DOB: 6/15/2010

CO Glitzy Dixie
(JR Laredo x TC Ritzy Dixie)
DOB: 4/07/2013

RO Smooth Move
(SR Madden x SR Smooth Talker)
DOB: 6/25/2013 

CO Golden Princess

(Brawl x Golden Empress)
DOB: 1/4/2002

CO Jelly Donut
(JP Grand Richy x CO Jelly Bean)
DOB: 10/22/2013

Oreo Delight

(GF Star Man x QCS Starshooter)
DOB: 2/27/2002

CO Euphrates

(Big Chief x CO Tigress)
DOB: 10/29/2005

Sombrah's Sunburst
(LP Sombrah x Jet's Superior Heir)
DOB: 2/15/2006

CO Cherry Blossom
(JP Grand Richy x CO Sherry)
DOB: 11/18/2012

Awesome Sequela PC 251
(Awesome Alamo x Sequela)
DOB: 8/23/2008

LLL Blue Smoke
(Peacemaker 44 x LC Gracie Blu Vader)
DOB: 11/23/2009

TTT Drama Queen
(Winchester x Buck's Glimmer)
DOB: 1/27/2012

RO Dandelion
(Awesome Alamo x CO Violet)
DOB: 2/20/2014  

CO Starstruck
(ASOCL Unstopabull Emperor x CO Stardust)
DOB: 4/26/2012

Power Ranger
(JP Grand Richy x CO Pollyanna)
DOB: 4/02/2015 

The Sheriff
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Smokey Savannah)
DOB: 4/15/2015

Thunder Clap
(Rolling Thunder x CO Cloe)
DOB: 12/05/2015

Ruby Ranger
(JR Laredo x CO Ruby Red)
DOB: 11/11/2015

Handsome Harry
(JR Laredo x LLL Evader's Shadow)
DOB: 12/19/2015

(Augustus ECR x BRR Boomerang Giglio)
DOB: 6/01/2016
Picture Taken 11/26/16

(Bandera Chex x JTW Baby Julia)
DOB: 6/17/2016
Picture Taken 10/06/16

TTT Rangers Win
(TTT Gunsmoke x TTT Kiwi)
DOB: 3/10/2015 

Cherry Pepper
(Rolling Thunder x RO Cheery Cherry)
DOB: 11/18/2016
Picture Taken 1/05/17

RO Marble Slab
(Plumb Line x CO Starstruck)
DOB: 8/25/2016

ECR Good Spot
(Bullseye ECR x ECR Presumida)
DOB: 9/17/2014

RO Frosty Diamond
(WF McIntosh x JB Untouchabull Lollypop)
DOB: 1/18/2015

RO Egypt
(JP Grand Richy x CO Cleopatra)
DOB: 3/30/2015

RO Aggieland
(Rolling Thunder x CO Reveille)
DOB: 4/18/2015

RO Blue Diamond
(JR Jace x TP Diamond Chip)
DOB: 5/17/2015

RO Texas Dove
(Sam Houston ECR x ECR Spanish Dove)
DOB: 6/05/2015

RO Butterfly Net
(Drag Net x TP Diamond Chip)
DOB: 3/29/2016

RO Slate Pearl
(Plumb Line x CO Ruby Red)
DOB: 2/05/2016

RO April Showers
(LAR Raylan x RO Flower Girl)
DOB: 4/12/2017

RO Love Story
(LVR Night Fury x RO Love Song)
DOB: 3/19/2017

VF Date Night
(LVR Night Fury x CO Valentine)
DOB: 1/16/2017

Robin Hood
(Rebel HR x HR Naughty Ana)
DOB: 8/28/2016

CO Razzle Dazzle
(JR Flash x CO Cleopatra)
DOB: 6/18/2012

BPT Hayley's Comet

(RVR Trinidad x RVR Haley Rose)
DOB: 5/07/2015

CO Sunray
(JR Laredo x CO Sunshine)
DOB: 5/11/2013

Pudge Rodriguez
(JP Grand Richy x CO Cloe)
DOB: 12/30/2014

Pumpkin Patch
King Cowboy x CO Pumpkin Pie)
DOB: 3/15/2016

Fire Dragon
Drag Net x RO Fire N Ice)
DOB: 4/11/2016

Robert E Lee
(Drag Net x RO Dixie Delight)
DOB: 6/06/2016

Prince Charming
(Plumb Line x CO Jules)
DOB: 2/01/2017
Picture Taken 3/13/17
1st in class and Reserve Grand Champion in Waco (10/14/17)

CO War Paint
(Brawl x TP Marina)
DOB: 4/25/1997

JTW Coco
(Tejas Star x JTW Slick's Little Lady)
DOB: 1/17/2012

ECR Como La Flor
(Julio Vixen ECR x ECR Flor De Agave)
DOB: 4/20/2013

LVR Sweet Tea
(LVR Lucchese Blaze x Teaspoon BCB)
DOB: 3/26/2014

RO Country Time
(Country Rio x BRR Bella Swan)
DOB: 10/01/2015

RO Ritzy Rocket
(JR Laredo x TC Ritzy Dixie)
DOB: 2/14/2016

RO Texas Sunset
(Rolling Thunder x CO Texas Tea)
DOB: 3/10/2016

LLL Lady Tari
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Tari Anne)
DOB: 4/01/2016

RO Maple Leaf
(Drag Net x CO Jelly Donut)
DOB: 4/11/2016

RO Plum Fancy
(Plumb Line x CO Penelope)
DOB: 10/23/2016

RO Grape Vine
(JR Laredo x CO Chardonnay)
DOB: 4/10/2016

RO Dragon Girl
(Drag Net x LLL Glam Girl)
DOB: 5/17/2016

King Cowboy
(Cowboy Chex x Hubbell's Queen Blade)
DOB: 3/21/2012
81 1/2" ttt

(Rolling Thunder x CO Hot Spots)
DOB: 2/15/2017
Picture Taken 8/18/17

El Paso
(JR Laredo x CO Red Rose)
DOB: 3/04/2013 

Thank you to the 46 new and established breeders (including 19 repeat customers)
who bought cattle from us in 2016!!!

BH Lucy
(Brazos Chex x BH Quite Nice)
DOB: 10/04/2008

CO Arabia

(High Point FD x TP Araby)
DOB: 1/22/2005

585 Australia
(585 Overwhelming Toro x 585 Outback)
DOB: 2/12/2005

HL Sue's Showtime

(JM Sue x Lamb's Showtime)
DOB: 3/03/2005

Safari B 530 Funny Face
(Safari B Don Domingo x Safari B 374)
DOB: 4/22/2007

Santa Anna
(Awesome Alamo x CO Sagebrush)
DOB: 9/02/2013

ECR Rounding Up Style

(Roundup x Hoping For Style)
DOB: 3/15/2003

CO National Anthem
(Awesome Alamo x CO Natalie)
DOB: 11/24/2011

Pride n Joy
(Tornado Alley x Effective Pride)
DOB: 4/16/2010

RO Rags To Riches
(JP Grand Richy x Safari B Angel)
DOB: 4/03/2014

CO Peppermint Patty
(Awesome Alamo x CO Courtney)
DOB: 10/28/2013

RO India's Treasure
(JR Jace x TP Red India)
DOB: 3/16/2014

Lone Ranger RO
(JP Grand Richy x CO Alamo's Rose)
DOB: 3/15/2015 

(Rio Bravo ECR x ECR Rounding Up Style)
DOB: 4/25/2015 

TTT Lottery
(TTT Gunsmoke x PLR Lantana Blue)
DOB: 1/04/2015

RO Easter Bunny
(Augustus ECR x CO Easter Egg)
DOB: 10/13/2014

RO Sugar Plum
(Rolling Thunder x CO Tupelo Honey)
DOB: 5/01/2015

RO Candy Land
(JP Grand Richy x CO Cloe)
DOB: 12/16/2013

RO Laredo's Jewel
(JR Laredo x CO Jules)
DOB: 1/10/2015

RO Coffee Chip
(JR Jace x TP Diamond Chip)
DOB: 7/03/2014

RO Strawberry Jam
(Jam Session x CO Strawberry Fields)
DOB: 9/28/2014

RO Ruby Lee
(Eclair's Commander x CO Jubilee)
DOB: 1/08/2016

(Augustus ECR x CO Tap Dancer)
DOB: 10/12/2015
Picture Taken 11/12/15

RO Cherry Jubilee
(Augustus ECR x CO Courtney)
DOB: 8/12/2015

(Divine Tempter x Pride n Joy)
DOB: 4/26/2015 

(Rolling Thunder x CO Juliette)
DOB: 12/14/2015
Picture Taken 6/20/16

(Augustus ECR x Oreo Delight)
DOB: 10/15/2015
Picture Taken 12/22/15

Julius Caesar
(Augustus ECR x CO Edge's Jewel)
DOB: 10/27/2014

Black Knight
(Rolling Thunder x DV Two Spot)
DOB: 12/04/2015
Picture Taken 7/11/16

(Rolling Thunder x JB Untouchabull Lollypop)
DOB: 12/04/2015
Picture Taken 1-12-16

LLL Dream Catcher
(Rio Diego x Delta Shadow)
DOB: 3/18/2011

RO Honey Boo Boo
(Rolling Thunder x CO Tupelo Honey)
DOB: 3/12/2014

LLL Catch A Star
(PCC Evader x PCC Catch 22)
DOB: 5/18/2011

Classy Grey KCC
(Grey Boy KCC x Last Classy KCC)
DOB: 5/15/2008

DV Two Spot
(Texas Cowcatcher x Lillehammer)
DOB: 3/18/2002

LLL Brash N Sassy
(Maximus ST x LLL Gunman's Sassy)

DOB: 6/01/2009

RO Sadie Gray
(Awesome Alamo x CO Mercedes)
DOB: 6/15/2015

RO Blue Razz
(Rolling Thunder x CO Razzle Dazzle)
DOB: 10/15/2015

RO Jamba Juice
(Juma x Alajanda EOT)
DOB: 12/04/2015

Vocal Tempo
(Tempo x Voice Over)
DOB: 8/14/2014

CO Edge's Princess
(Winner's Edge x CO Golden Princess)
DOB: 1/12/2012

RO Pretty Penny
(JP Grand Richy x CO Penelope)
DOB: 12/15/2014

Helm Gorgeous Grand
(Hunts Grand Command x Hubbells Rio Gorgeous)
DOB: 7/25/2012

RO Cinnamon Roll
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Max's Ginger)
DOB: 3/07/2013

LLL Pretty Lady
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Sittin Pretty)
DOB: 5/01/2014 

Brindle Bob
(Sweet Iron x JTW Honeysuckle Rose)
DOB: 4/11/2016
Picture Taken 10/11/16

RO Sunny Side Up
(JR Laredo x CO Edge's Princess)
DOB: 5/25/2016

Rolls Royce
(Rolling Thunder x CO Mercedes)
DOB: 5/12/2016
Picture Taken 10/21/16

Thank you to the 54 new and established breeders (including 21 repeat customers)
who bought cattle from us in 2015!!!

Circle S's Double Lulu
(Hitter's Little Rugrat x Circle S's Buffy)
DOB: 5/19/2002

TP Gun Moll
(Capone x TP Party Doll)
DOB: 5/2/2004

CO Capone's Sapphire
Capone x TP Sapphire)
DOB: 5/2/2004

LLL Yellow Sage
(Rio Diego x Sage Sue BL)
DOB: 1/30/2011

RO Rockin Robin
(LLL Matt Dillon x Rocking Rosie)
DOB: 9/01/2013

CO Victory's Delight
(Victory Lap x Oreo Delight)
DOB: 1/26/2012

CO Red Racer
(JR Jace x CO Resolution)
DOB: 2/27/2011

CO Strawberry Fields
(Emperor's Echo x TP Shotsy)
DOB: 6/07/2009

CO Valentine
(Awesome Alamo x CO Violet)
DOB: 2/14/2012

RO Berry Blast
(JR Flash x CO Strawberry Fields)
DOB: 11/01/2013

RO Splash of Flash
(JR Flash x CWR Spring Morning)
DOB: 1/16/2014

RO Blue Rose
(Awesome Alamo x CO Cactus Rose)
DOB: 12/05/2013

RO Black Diamond
(WF McIntosh x JB Untouchabull Lollypop)
DOB: 2/27/2014

RO Thunder's Delight
(Rolling Thunder x CO Victory's Delight)
DOB: 5/01/2014

RO Rev It Up
(Rolling Thunder x CO Reveille)
DOB: 5/15/2014

RO Golden Sky
(Rolling Thunder x CO Golden Princess)
DOB: 3/05/2015

RO Sadie Benz
(Awesome Alamo x CO Mercedes)
DOB: 7/06/2014

RO Aunt Bee
(Augustus ECR x SHR Wow's Bea)
DOB: 11/10/2014

RO Win A Grand
(JP Grand Richy x CO Winning Call)
DOB: 2/20/2015

RO Kissy Face
(Rolling Thunder x Safari B 530 Funny Face)
DOB: 2/14/2015

RO Whirlybird
(JP Grand Richy x CO Whirlpool)
DOB: 3/10/2015

RO Sweet Willow
(Lawless x BRR Desert Willow)
DOB: 11/03/2014

RO Snowy River
(Awesome Alamo x CO Euphrates)
DOB: 8/06/2014

RO Boomer Sooner
(Rio Diego x BH Quiver)
DOB: 10/13/2014

RO Cool Breeze
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Evader's Shadow)
DOB: 3/01/2014

RO Bluebonnet
(JP Grand Richy x CO Texas Tea)
DOB: 4/01/2015

RO Gossip Girl
(Awesome Alamo x SR Smooth Talker)
DOB: 5/19/2014

Eclair's Commander
(Starbase Commander x ECR Julio's Eclaire 213)
DOB: 4/05/2011

Golden Boy
(JP Grand Richy x CO Goldie Locks)
DOB: 8/15/2012

Storm Chaser RO
(Rolling Thunder x CO Pollyanna)
DOB: 4/10/2014 

(JP Grand Richy x JR Zoella)
DOB: 3/04/2014 

Country Rio
(Rio Diego x Love County Queen BL)
DOB: 1/01/2013

Richy Rich
(JP Grand Richy x CO Red Rose)
DOB: 3/05/2014

Captain America
(Rolling Thunder x CO Miss America)
DOB: 11/14/2013

(Sittin Bull x Sombrah's Sunburst)
DOB: 3/22/2015 

(Sittin Bull x Sombrah's Sunburst)
DOB: 4/04/2014

Rocking Ranger
(Augustus ECR x CO Winning Respect)
DOB: 10/11/2014

Range Rover
(Augustus ECR x CO Laredo's Rose)
DOB: 11/12/2014

Dancin' Dave
(JR Laredo x CO Tap Dancer)
DOB: 10/12/2014 

CK Red Man
(JR Laredo x CO Desert Flower)
DOB: 11/27/2014
Picture Taken 6-01-15

Western Willy
(Rolling Thunder x CO Lilac)
DOB: 5/02/2015
Picture Taken 11/19/15

Big Win
(JP Grand Richy x CO Winning Call)
DOB: 3/11/2014

Black Jack
(Rolling Thunder x CO Smores)
DOB: 4/30/2015
Picture Taken 11/11/15



Thank you to the 44 new and established breeders who bought cattle from us in 2014!!!

TP Tiffany

(Abraham x TP Harem Girl)
DOB: 1/27/2002

Classy Honey
(Classy Hot Shot x Hot Shot Honey Suckle)
DOB: 9/01/2002

Star Bright 330
(Iceman x Cuba Libre)
DOB: 3/11/2003

CO Lemon Drop

(Capone x CO La Pina)
DOB: 4/26/2005

Safari B 432 Victory's Girl
(Safari B Spotted Eagle x Safari B 72)
DOB: 4/24/2006

CO Charlotte

(Salty Dog x CO Spotzee)
DOB: 3/25/2007

CO Comet

(Capone x CO Super Squaw)
DOB: 4/24/2005

JR Zoella

(KC Just Respect x JR Zolla)
DOB: 4/15/2007

JR Flair

(KC Just Respect x JR Flashdance)
DOB: 3/30/2008

JR Black Beauty

(KC Just Respect x JR Kickapoo)
DOB: 5/14/2008

CO Zoey
(D-H Donnavan x CO Cloe)
DOB: 5/06/2009

LLL Max's Rave
(Maximus ST x PCC Rave)
DOB: 7/11/2010

LLL Max's Ginger
(Maximus ST x LLL Gunsmoke's Ginger)
DOB: 5/18/2010

ECR Harmony Amplified
(Sam Houston ECR x ECR Houston's Vixen)
DOB: 5/30/2011

Jam Session
(WS Jamakizm x Classy Honey)
DOB: 6/08/2011

CO Callie
(Awesome Alamo x CO Winning Call)
DOB: 5/12/2012

CO Jazzy Java
(JR Jace x CO Shazam)
DOB: 6/19/2012

CO Cabernet
(Awesome Alamo x CO War Paint)
DOB: 4/03/2012

LLL Miss Kitty
(LLL Matt Dillon x LLL Maxinity)
DOB: 5/15/2012

CO Awesome Blossom
(Awesome Alamo x CO Arabia)
DOB: 2/25/2013

RO Surprise Party
(Awesome Alamo x CO Arabia)
DOB: 2/26/2014



Thank you to the 37 new and established breeders who bought cattle from us in 2013!!!

CO Dolly Parton
(Brawl x Dolly's Weapon)
DOB: 3/02/2003

CO Flashdance
(JR Bonanza x JR Flair)
DOB: 4/23/2011

CO Summer Rain
(Awesome Alamo x Honey Suckle)
DOB: 8/01/2011

CO Happy Feet
(Winner's Edge x Happy Day)
DOB: 8/25/2011

TP Turkey Feather
(ER's Deadly Weapon x TP Gay Feather)
DOB: 5/04/2003

Fancy Chex
(JP Grand Chex x Fancy Shadow Jet II)
DOB: 1/13/2010

CO Champagne
(JP Grand Richy x CO Chardonnay)
DOB: 9/17/2012

BZB Dagnabbit
(Awesome Alamo x TP Tiffany)
DOB: 9/20/2012
Picture Taken 7-15-13
2014 Autobahn Class Champion!

CO Queen of Denial
(JP Grand Richy x CO Cleopatra)
DOB: 6/07/2013

JR Flash
(KC Just Respect x JR Flashdance)
DOB: 4/26/2010
74 1/4" ttt at 36 months!

Big Bopper
(JR Jace x CO Resolution)
DOB: 3/25/2013
Picture Taken 10-17-13   



Thank you to the 31 new and established breeders who bought cattle from us in 2012!!!

Honey Suckle

(Juisache x Classy Honey)
DOB: 6/21/2007

CO Show Girl
(Emperor's Echo x CO Honey Bun)
DOB: 2/27/2009

CO Royal Crown
(JR Jace x CO Crown Jewel)
DOB: 3/01/2011

Davy Crockett
(Awesome Alamo x CO Capone's Sapphire)
DOB: 5/07/2011
Grand Champion bull at the 2013 Stillwater Shootout!

JR Kickapoo
(CB Blue Chip x JR Peek A Boo)
DOB: 3/18/2005

CO Starlight
(Blitz 252 x Star Bright 330)
DOB: 3/21/2010

Jim Bowie
(Awesome Alamo x CO Baretta)
DOB: 9/25/2011

CO Paper Doll
(JR Jace x CO Echo's Baby Doll)
DOB: 3/15/2011


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